Wabbit Mountain Madness

Help Bugs Bunny face Yosemite Sam in the Wabbit: Mountain Madness game! Chase your enemy down a mountain and collect carrots while avoiding the obstacles!

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About Wabbit Mountain Madness Game

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Help Bugs Bunny face the fury of Yosemite Sam in the Wabbit: Mountain Madness game! It's no secret that the rabbit and the hunter are enemies! They are always fighting, and it's your turn to join the feud!

This is a catchy arcade game where you have to guide Bugs Bunny as he climbs down a mountain. On your way down, you have to avoid all the obstacles and collect all the carrots you see! Will you make it to the bottom in one piece? 

How to Play 

To help the rabbit travel down the mountain, all you have to do is press the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard. The way you're taking is dangerous, and you don't have much time to consider the route you're taking! Guide the bunny as he goes left and right and make it down safely!

When you play for the first time, you will only get one life. After that, you will be able to unlock up to three more. Still, if you're aiming for a high score, you should do your best to not make any mistakes! Each time you hit an obstacle, you lose a life, so you have to pay attention!

As you keep climbing down the mountain, you will see that many carrots are waiting to be picked up. It's best if you try to collect as many as you can because you will be able to exchange them for power-ups! They include extra lives or shields, which will make the challenge easier. The boosts are helpful but expensive, so you should focus on gathering the veggies on your way down!

Are you ready to begin the mission? Bugs Bunny desperately needs your help to get to the bottom of the mountain! Help him catch up to his enemy and chase him down!