Tweety Takes Off

Help Tweety avoid the evil Sylvester in the Tweety Takes Off game! Fly up high in the sky, hop from one cloud to another, and stay out of your enemy's way!

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About Tweety Takes Off Game

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Tweety, the tiny yellow bird, is being chased in the Tweety Takes Off game! It's nothing new to see a bird being chased by a cat. This time, the two Looney Tunes frenemies are quarreling, and it's your job to help them!

Your mission is to help Tweety Bird fly away from the evil Sylvester. This is a fun challenge in which your goal is to help the yellow bird travel as far up as possible. Float up from cloud to cloud while avoiding the villain! Do you have what it takes to help your tiny friend?

How to Play

It's time to start hopping and show off your skills! Just use your mouse, click once on the screen and move your cursor to where you want Tweety to go! It's that simple to help your friend fly high up in the sky!

Aim to reach as far as you possibly can! To do so, you have to keep hopping from one cloud to another, and they will propel you higher up. Sometimes you might come across a rocket sitting on the platforms. If you pick it up, it will help you fly at a higher speed than ever! 

You earn points just by landing on the clouds, but you should still aim for a high score! To do so, you have to watch out for some gold! You can sometimes find the coins in a tiny red bag. Look out for them as you fly, and you'll earn a bonus! 

To make sure Tweety Bird avoids his enemy, you should stay in the middle of the screen. Sylvester is going to great lengths to catch you, even by tying himself to some balloons or hopping in a helicopter! You can avoid one of his attacks by picking up the shield power-up, which will protect you for a short time.

Doesn't that sound like a fun challenge? Help Tweety stay out of the villain's way and see how far up you can reach! Your friend is counting on you!