Speedy's Pyramid Rescue

Join Speedy Gonzales and show off your skills in the Speedy's Pyramid Rescue game! Climb on the blocks, watch their color change, and collapse the pyramid!

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About Speedy's Pyramid Rescue Game

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If you're a pro at skill-based challenges, you have to give the Speedy's Pyramid Rescue game a try! Speedy Gonzales is the quickest mouse, but he still needs your help running away from Sylvester. This time, your friend has proposed an escape adventure to you. Will you lend him a hand?

This is a fast-paced challenge in which you have to show off your skills. Speedy's job is to climb on top of the pyramid and color all the blocks until it all collapses! However, his mission is not so simple because Sylvester is trying to catch him! Join the cat and mouse and try to complete the puzzle in this fun chase!

How to Play

First things first, you have to understand the basics. To begin jumping on the blocks, you need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Trying to color all the pieces might seem like a puzzle, but all you need is some focus! 

You will need to jump from one block to another while avoiding the cat that's on your tail! The only way to color the pieces is to hop directly on top of them. However, if you touch them more than once, the color will change back. Pay attention and consider your every step before making a move!

It's essential to keep an eye out for your enemy as well! If Sylvester catches you, you will need to restart the level. You can stall the cat for a moment by collecting the anvils and chili peppers around you. After that, you can use them as ammo and throw them at your enemy, and he will stop for a few seconds.

Your Looney Tunes friends have prepared 3 fun levels and multiple rounds for you. There's no time to get bored for sure! The faster you complete each stage, the more points you will earn. Aim for a high score, and complete the challenge!

Speedy Gonzales needs your help to complete his pyramid adventure. Show off your skills and finish the puzzle before Sylvester catches you!