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About Marvin's Speed Back To School Edition Game

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Don't miss out on Marvin's Speed Back To School Edition game if you are a true Looney Tunes fan! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a game of cards with Marvin the Martian on his well-known spaceship? This quirky character is famous for his attitude and funny lines. Would you like to visit him and join in on a fun card game?

The game consists of several rounds of cards. Can you beat Marvin and move on to the next level? It's the only way to move on to the next level and travel to the next planet. Isn't it an exciting and fun journey? You'll have a blast visiting Mars and other planets with this whimsical alien! However, if he beats you just once, you will go back to the first level. Yikes!

How to play the game

As is the case with most card games, getting the hang of the rules is the most challenging part. However, once you get used to them, you'll have a blast with Marvin!

Each player will have four cards in front of them. Take a close look at the two cards in the center of the screen! Your goal is simple: try to match one of the cards in your hand with one of the two cards at the center of the screen. The first one to finish all the cards in his or her deck wins.

To begin the game, click on one of the cards in the middle and start playing. How do you match your cards? Simple, you can either go one point above or below the value of the cards in the center. For instance, you can place a 2 or a 4 over a 3. As an exception, when an ace is in the middle, you can either place a K or a 2. Try to move quicker than Marvin!

Have your un out of cards? Click on the deck on the right side of the screen to draw more cards. Make sure you move quickly and make as many matches as you can! If none of the players can make a move, the computer will switch the cards in the middle automatically. Isn't that smart?

Do you want to earn more points? Beat Marvin by choosing cards of the same sign as the ones in the middle. For instance, you will earn a bonus if you place a 6 of spades over a 7 or an 8 of spades.

Think fast and make smart matches to increase your score and defeat Marvin! This intergalactic card game will surely help you escape boredom!

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