Carrot Chase

Bugs Bunny needs your help to pick up some veggies in the Carrot Chase game! Travel through the forest, avoid the obstacles, and collect all the carrots!

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About Carrot Chase Game

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Help Bugs Bunny follow the smell of the carrots in the Carrot Chase game! The funny rabbit has one thing on his mind, and that is his most beloved food. This time, he asks you to help him travel through the forest and pick up as many carrots as possible. Do you have what it takes to finish this mission?

This is a classic adventure game in which you have a simple task. Your job is to go on a journey along with Bugs Bunny and help him pick up the carrots. Of course, your mission is not so easy because there will be many obstacles getting in your way. Will you be able to help your furry friend?

How to Play

You should get moving and begin your travels! To start, you just need to press the arrow keys on your keyboard, and Bugs Bunny will move in any direction you tell him to. Just remember that you can't go back, only left, right, or forward. Good luck!

Along the way, you will meet some of your other Looney Tunes friends, such as Taz or Chip 'n' Dale. Watch out for them because they will become obstacles for you! If you get caught, you'll have to restart the mission.

Remember not to rush and pay attention! Sometimes you will have to walk across rivers or even train tracks, and one wrong move can put an end to your journey. Keep your eyes open and try to stay on your feet as long as you can!

What else you should know 

Your score will be based on how many veggies you collect, so make sure to look for all the carrots! If you see a hole with an arrow next to it, you should walk up to it! It'll take you to an underground tunnel full of items for you to collect!

If you collect enough points, you can exchange your currency for rewards! When you finish the mission, just click on the carrot, and you will enter the shop. You can buy different versions of Bugs Bunny throughout the years and play as the one you like!

What do you say? Will you help Bugs Bunny collect his carrots? Your cute friend needs your help, so get ready and begin the mission!