Gone Fishin'

Grab your fishing rod and begin casting in the Gone Fishin' game! Hop on Bugs Bunny's boat, fish together, and aim for the biggest catch of them all!

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About Gone Fishin' Game

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Grab a fishing rod and get ready to cast in the Gone Fishin' game! Bugs Bunny is a wacky rabbit, but he also likes to relax. When he's not seeking trouble along with other Looney Tunes characters, the bunny enjoys a good fishing getaway. Will you join him for a fun adventure?

This is a classic fishing game, in which you have to cast your rod and wait for fish to bite. As Bugs Bunny awaits in his boat, you can click on the bugs, frogs, and other fish around him and see what happens. When your catch is ready to come out of the water, you will notice a red exclamation mark above the bunny. Do your best, and don't let the fish escape!

How to Play

Fishing requires lots of patience, and before you begin, you should understand the basics. Bugs Bunny will cast the rod, but you need to do your best to catch the fish! When it starts biting, you have to use your mouse and keep clicking as many times as you can. The progress bar on the right side of the screen will tell you when you're almost done!

Become the best fisherman and catch all sorts of fish! Anything could come out of the water, from Starfish to Piranhas or even a 65-kilogram Milkfish! There are many possibilities for you. Will you be able to catch all the fish, or are you going to find nothing?

What else you should know 

As you progress through the game, you'll be able to earn various achievements. Splash the water, scare some frogs, shoo away some dragonflies, or complete your fish collection! Everything will help you bring home an award.

Sometimes instead of a fish, you might catch a powerful boost! There are 4 types of consumables available, and each one will give a specific power-up. If you find the strong rod boost, you're in luck! It'll help you start catching bigger and heavier fish for a limited time!

Bugs Bunny needs your help to make his fishing getaway a success! Join your Looney Tunes friend and cast your rod together! Who'll catch the biggest fish of the day?