Wabbit Snap

Join the Boomerang characters for a round of cards in the Wabbit Snap game! Use your memory to your advantage and match the pairs until the deck is yours!

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About Wabbit Snap Game

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If you love playing cards, you have to give the Wabbit Snap game a try! Your boomerang friends have prepared a fun new challenge for you. This time, Bugs Bunny, Squeaks, Yosemite Sam, and the others have prepared a set of cards for you, and all you have to do is to match them!

This mission will help test how well you know your favorite characters. Your job is to remember the images that will show up once you flip the cards and respond when the next picture is the corresponding pair. To do this, you will need great visual memory and impressive hand-eye coordination!

How to Play

Your mission is to find pairs of the same Boomerang characters. To do so, you will have to let the deck unveil each one of the cards. When it flips over to the same picture, you have to click or press the spacebar. This way, you will earn some points. The first one to win all the opponent's cards wins!

You will always play against the computer. Both you and the opponent will have your decks facing down, and each time a card is flipped, it will show one of your favorite Boomerang friends. Just pay attention and try to remember the pictures you've already seen!

The computer will randomly pick up one card from each deck, and you will both put it down. It's important not to rush and to use your memory to its' fullest! Each time you make a wrong move, your opponent gains a few points while you lose yours. 

Pay attention to the screen, and make sure to react when you're ready! If you don't win from the first game, don't worry! You can replay this challenge as many times as you want.

Are you ready for a round of playing cards? Join Bugs Bunny, Squeaks, Yosemite Sam, and the others, and secure a win for your friends!

Good luck!