Wacky Band

Organize a concert with the Wacky Band game! Can you compose a unique symphony with the talented Looney Tunes characters and their wacky instruments?

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Create an amusing song with the Wacky Band game! Did you know that each one of your favorite Looney Tunes characters plays a musical instrument? Now they can all put their conflicts aside and play together in one big and quirky band. The best part is that you are the conductor of this ensemble. Are you ready to coordinate your cartoon friends and create a musical masterpiece?

The game consists of a recording session where you decide which characters play. Each one of your favorite characters plays a musical instrument. Some of them are conventional, like drums, while others can be very whimsical. What is more, you can even change their tune's tempo or replace players at a moment's notice. Who will play the grand solo? That's up to you as well!

How to Play

Are you ready to start creating? To begin with, take a look at all the characters at the bottom of the screen. You have fifteen options, each one more interesting than the other. Did you know that Tweety played the Tuba, the Tasmanian Devil likes the drums, and Granny has a pair of green maracas?

Look through all fifteen options and find the most fitting formula for your band! Have you noticed that there are seven vacant spots on stage? Keep in mind that there is also a spot for a solo on the golden star!

Notice that there are three rows of spots on the stage! You can control the tempo of a character's tune by changing where they sit. For instance, if you want them to play faster, you should bring them to the front. On the other hand, move an instrumentist on the back row if you want a slower, more discreet performance.

There's more you should know!

Once you have decided on the members of the band, play around with their positions. Which formula do you like best? There are so many options!

Finally, it's time for the grand finale! Pick out your best player and place him or her on the golden star at the center of the stage! You will be able to play an impressive solo with the instrument with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Who would have known that Lola Bunny, Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, or Yosemite Sam are such talented musicians?