Full Court Pinball

Shoot and score with the Space Jam cast in the Full Court Pinball game! Throw the ball, pass it to your team, and hit all the bumpers to set a new record!

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About Full Court Pinball Game

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The Tune Squad is back and ready to slam dunk in the Full Court Pinball game! The characters of Space Jam are prepared to go back on the field, but this time, the basketball match is a bit different. Today's battle will take place on a pinball board, so you never know where the ball will land! Can you think of a strategy and help your friends win the game?

This is a classic challenge with an unusual twist, so it's your chance to show off your skills! To earn as many points as possible, you must throw the ball to your teammates and hit all the bumpers. Guide it all around the board, and don't let it escape to keep the battle going! Will you be able to set a new record?

How to Play

You don't need to be good at sports, because you can give this match a go using your keyboard. To launch the ball onto the board, just keep pressing the Down Arrow key and let go once you're ready.

After you release the ball, all you need to do is to keep it on the table. Tap the Left and Right Arrows to move the flippers, and don't let the ball fall off!

Your main goal is to earn a high score by hitting the various targets on the table. Your friends from the Tune Squad are ready for you to pass the ball, so make sure to launch it as high as possible.

For each one of your teammates it reaches, you will earn some bonus points. Just keep paying attention to the screen and work the flippers to keep the round going! 

Basketball is all about running across the field, so you have to keep moving.

What else you should know

You have three chances to throw the ball before the game ends. If it falls off, you will have to launch it onto the board again. Just focus on the pinball flippers and pass the ball to your teammates to set a new record! 

Just like in a real basketball match, a slam dunk will earn the highest score! Do your best to place the ball in the net at the top of the table, and you will get 5000 bonus points.

Additionally, each time the ball falls into a hole, it will be transported to a new location on the board. This way, you can explore new areas and hit even more bumpers!

Are you ready to put your skills to the test in a round of pinball? Join the team and get ready to launch the ball onto the board!