Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime

Join Taffy in his daring quest for the biggest feast ever in the Adventure of a Lunchtime game! Can you help him find the right path in each level?

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About Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime Game

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Are you somehow missing Taffy, the grey raccoon? Then you should check the Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime game and see what he's been up to lately. Join the raccoon in his quest for the biggest feast ever with this puzzle game, and reconnect with the main characters from your favorite cartoon! A great time is guaranteed!

Your job in each level is to help Taffy eat all the delicious sandwiches and reunite with the lovely Mrs. Muchmore. At the same time, you should also avoid obstacles in his path, the biggest one being Bentley, the angry blue Dobermann. With your help, Taffy will surely manage to bypass all the dangers. Are you up for this new adventure?

How to Play

The game controls are really simple! You will mainly use the arrow keys to make Taffy slide up, down, left, and right. Besides these, you will use the mouse to move between levels and press the remote control button when needed.

For each level, your objective will be to reunite Taffy with Mrs. Muchmore while also eating tons of sandwiches on the way. Try your best to avoid obstacles and gather as many sandwiches as you can! This way, you will get the three stars rewards every time.

Some levels will provide you with a switcher or remote control. You should learn how to operate them both to your advantage. The switcher opens or closes a pathway, while the remote control button usually turns off the electric cages. Use them wisely to get the highest score!

You should keep in mind that you cannot pass the same cubicle twice, so plan your route strategically. Anyway, you can always reverse your moves and go back since there are no consequences to this action. So have no worries if you reach a dead-end on your first tries.

What else you should know

At every stage, you will get two spare lives. Every time you touch the electric cages, one of your lives will be lost! However, you can get it back by eating a sandwich, so don't stress too much about it.

Also, you should try to avoid Bentley at all costs. If you encounter him, you'll have to restart the level.

Sometimes you will have to choose between eating all the sandwiches and reuniting with Mrs. Muchmore. You should choose the latter since that is your final objective! You cannot complete the level otherwise.

What happens when you press the remote control button is a mystery on each level! Sometimes the button can make the electric cages or Bentley disappear, other times the sandwiches. So, since this feature is so tricky, use it only when needed.

Now that you know the basics, can you help Taffy pass all the levels?