Midnight Snack

Play the Midnight Snack game if you are a fan of strategy games and of the Tom and Jerry series! Can you help the tiny brown mouse get to his cheese?

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The Midnight Snack game is a must-play for anyone who wishes to test their ability to plan! Are you an admirer of the legendary Tom and Jerry series? That's even better! 

Have you heard about the famous rivalry between a little brown mouse and a grey house-cat? If not, then you must have been living under a rock! This iconic duo has entertained children and adults for almost 80 years. Are you ready to accompany them for a thrilling and fun mission?

Did you know that Jerry has a very unusual habit? He sometimes sleepwalks. His midnight adventures only have one aim: find and eat all the cheese in sight! However, even a brave mouse needs a little help from his friends sometimes. This is where you come in!

Get familiar with the gameplay and get started!

This exciting puzzle consists of a series of increasingly difficult challenges. The goal is to move to sleep Jerry across the game board towards the mouse hole. However, there's a catch! You need to find the blue key that unlocks the door first.

Let's jump in and get familiar with the controls. The only way to move the sleeping mouse is to place cheese arrow icons in his path. You can pick them up from the plate at the left corner of the screen. They allow you to move in any direction.

Plan your path carefully, as there is a limited number of pieces for each type of cheese. Not as easy as it first appears, right?

Keep an eye out for obstacles, as well as extras! You need to avoid gaping holes and fans at all costs. They will lead you to failure and make you lose the game.

However, you can also pick up helpful items, such as the orange cheese pieces. They will grant you four valuable bonus points!

Is your path ready? Then simply press the start button and watch Jerry. Can he navigate all the obstacles safely, find the key, then reach the door? If so, congratulations! Are you ready for even greater challenges in the next level?

Become a great strategist with just a few simple tips!

Let's begin with your primary tool: the helpful cheese arrows. Did you know that there are two types?  You start by using only yellow icons. They remain on the board after being used, so you can use them multiple times during the same run. However, green arrows disappear after only one use. Plan your path accordingly!

Are you running out of arrows? If your mission seems impossible, you'd better reconsider your strategy! Did you know that if the sleepwalking mouse hits a wall or the edge of the game board, he will turn in the opposite direction without the need for an additional arrow? This simple trick will prove to be more useful than you think!

Don't be afraid to use all the elements put at your disposal! For instance, you can use springs to jump over one square on the game board. Use this feature to get over obstacles!

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the level! You will be rewarded for your speed, using all the items on the plate at the bottom left corner, and even for winning on the first try!

Will Jerry reach his delicious midnight snack without getting caught by Tom? Only you can help him enjoy his favorite food in peace!