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Can you help the cute mouse avoid Tom in the Run Jerry game? Focus on your surroundings, steer clear of obstacles and keep up your speed at all costs!

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About Run Jerry Game

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Tom and Jerry are always fighting each other, and the Run Jerry game is no exception! It seems like the cute mouse was caught red-handed in the kitchen. Now, the cat is chasing after him, and there's nowhere to hide! Can you help your little friend avoid Tom's sharp claws?

Your job here is to outrun Tom and keep Jerry out of trouble. However, the feline is not the only threat around because there are many dangers in the room. This is why you must jump past them and avoid crashing or falling into holes. If you keep running and don't get distracted, you surely won't get caught!

How to Play

Are you prepared for this action-packed race? To avoid all the dangerous obstacles, you need to use your mouse. Just tap on the screen once to leap over the objects or click twice to do a powerful double jump. Pretty straightforward, right?

Fast reflexes are a must in this mission! The kitchen is filled with pots and pans or even mouse traps. You wouldn't want Jerry to get hurt, right? If so, you have to be very careful and not fall for any tricks!

To keep running at full speed, you must avoid all the obstacles. You only have three lives, so use them wisely! Each time you run into an object, you will lose a chance. If you want to stay as far away from Tom, keep your eyes on the screen, and act as quickly as possible!

This is an endless race, and the pursuit will continue as long as you don't get captured! If the cat reaches you first, it's game over. However, you can retry this challenge as many times as you want. You will soon notice that your skills will improve and you'll be able to set a new record!

Hurry up because Jerry needs your help! Will you be able to protect the little mouse from the cat's sharp claws? Well, just stay on your feet and try to keep up!