Food Fight

Play Tom and Jerry: Food Fight game, and help Jerry collect all food on the table. Avoid Tom and his friends, and also stay away from the cooker!

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Who does not love food? We know for sure that Tom and Jerry would do anything for it. Jerry loves cheese very much, and he would eat it all day long. Tom`s favorite dishes are milk and fish. They will not share their food with anyone, and both of them hate when it gets stolen. As we know, Tom and Jerry do not get along too good all the time. Sometimes they fight and try to cause each other problems. You will live a day with them in Tom and Jerry Food Fight game, and see how much fun they can have, even when they fight.

How to Play

Jerry tries to collect all the cheese from the table, jumping on plates and cups, but he has to avoid Tom and the fire from the cooker. If Tom catches him, the game will be over. The same thing happens if Jerry jumps on the open fire, or if he falls. You will have to restart the level.

If Jerry collects all the food without hurting himself, you will pass to the next level. Use the left, right, up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to jump from one side to the other one. Be careful at the jelly on the table. You can use it to get rid of Tom, but it will make you jump higher on the plates.

You can jump on the cooker, but only when the fire is down. Once you pass the levels, you will have more obstacles on your way. Make sure Tom`s friends will not get to you. The level ends when you collect all the food.

Good luck!