Tom and Jerry: The Duel

Steal all the food and fight like a cat and mouse in the Tom and Jerry: The Duel game! Choose your side and break all the blocks to earn points and win!

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About Tom and Jerry: The Duel Game

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Are you a big fan of Tom and Jerry? Well, your favorite duo is back with another feud in the Tom and Jerry: The Duel game! The wacky protagonists won't have peace until someone wins, and this fight is not different. Will you join the battle and help your side secure victory?

Which team are you going to assist? You can take Jerry's side in the Easy mode or join Tom for the harder difficulty. In this blockbuster challenge, you have to break as many colorful pieces as possible. Can you earn enough points before the duel is over?

How to Play

Are you ready to wreak havoc at the hotel? Luckily, there are no fancy tricks involved because you only need your mouse. Pay attention to the screen, and see where you can find groups of the same kind of food. After that, you can simply click on them, and all the blocks will be yours!

Your first step as you start your mission is to choose a difficulty level. If you're playing for the first time, you should begin with the Easy mode. Once you finish the stage and learn the basics, you can switch to the Hard difficulty. Sounds very straightforward, right?

To win the duel, you will have to tap on the colorful pieces and collect them. The more blocks you have in a group, the more points you will earn, so make sure to pay attention! You can even play tricks on your opponent by tapping on the traps. Just be careful not to get caught in them yourself!

Remember that you have a limited amount of moves! For every ten clicks, the hotel will be more damaged. Tom and Jerry are real troublemakers, so make sure to fill your meter before the game ends. If you do so, the victory for this duel will be yours!

Well, are you ready for this battle? Your favorite cat and mouse need your help to win! Whose side will you choose?