Leaning Tower of Cheese-A

Help Tom and Jerry to build the highest pillar ever in the Leaning Tower of Cheese-A game. Watch it grow taller and taller as you stack new blocks on top!

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About Leaning Tower of Cheese-A Game

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Tom and Jerry have finally found a common hobby in the Leaning Tower of Cheese-A game. It's a totally wonderful thing when two such different personalities find an exciting thing to do together. You should definitely join them in this exhilarating game!

The aim of this game is to reuse some of the pieces of a tower of cheese to make it taller. At first, its structure is going to be very stable, each row having three blocks of cheese. Nothing could blow it down! You should make sure that it stays that way as you are playing!

How to Play

For this game, you will not need any specialized tech but your trusty mouse. Accomplish your goal by using it to extract certain rectangular blocks from the structure. Make sure to look for the ideal one, and when you have found it, click and drag it outside. 

Once a piece is taken out of the tower, the next step is to put in on the top. You can now choose the best new spot for it, and place it there with a single click! Further on, do that same thing repeatedly, and watch how it grows taller and taller.

Though the tower might seem stable and unmovable, you must not be fooled by appearances. Balance is a very tricky thing, and it can also be misleading sometimes. Moving the wrong piece of cheese can mean disaster! Try to prevent making a hot mess by foreseeing what could happen after the extraction.

Tips and Tricks

Psst!...If you are having a difficult time figuring out what cheesy blocks you should take out first, try to think a little bit strategically first. Coming to think of a strategy will increase your odds of making the tallest cheese tower ever!

There being said, do your best to extract all the blocks on the sides and leave the ones in the middle alone. This way, even though the structure can become a little wiggly, you will ensure that you get out as many blocks without suffering a significant collapse.

Now you are initiated in the art of the towers of cheese! You can now play this game as many times as you want until you accomplish the best mission ever: building the highest cheese bock any mouse has ever seen!