Cheese Swipe

Help Jerry pick up the dropped pieces of cheese in the Cheese Swipe game! Run away from Tom, avoid the obstacles, and collect as much cheese as you can!

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About Cheese Swipe Game

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Oh no! It seems like pieces of cheese have been dropped all over the house, and it's your job to pick them all up in the Cheese Swipe game! Of course, you know what that means, right? It's time for Jerry, the witty mouse, to come out of hiding!

Just like any other running game, your job is simple: keep moving and collect all the cheese to earn a high score! You'll play as Jerry, and typically for the character, you'll be running away from Tom, the family cat! Keep your distance from your enemy, jump over the platforms, and pick up the cheese! How long will it be before you get caught?

How to Play

In this escape mission, you have to use your mouse and show Tom who is the fastest runner. Keep moving through the house and pick up all the cheese you can hold! However, sometimes you will need to jump on top of counters too! To do that, just click on the screen and drag to where you want to leap, and Jerry will follow that route.

This is an endless challenge that will only stop when you become unable to run. At first, there will be nothing keeping you from reaching your goal. However, as you progress, some obstacles will keep showing up on your way. Keep your eyes open and pay attention, or else you might have to restart the game!

What else you should know

Not all the cheese comes in small pieces! Sometimes you might find yourself in luck because a whole wheel of cheese might show up! Once you collect enough, you will reach a bonus stage where you can pick up unlimited cheddar amounts for a limited time and get your score up! 

Sometimes you will come across some trampolines, and you should do your best to reach them! If you do, they will help you pick up whole rows of cheese. React fast, and don't miss them because they will help you increase your score!

How long can you keep up? Jerry needs your help running away from Tom, so begin the mission and get moving!