Cat Crossing

Help Tom get to Jerry in the Cat Crossing game. Lead him safely on the other side of the road, avoid cars, and jump on boats to stay out of the water!

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Tom must catch Jerry once and for all in the Cat Crossing game. This naughty mouse has done his last trick on our poor cat. For so long has he been trying to teach his friend a lesson, but each time Jerry found his way out!

It is your turn to do your best to catch that sneaky rascal before Tom gets too discouraged. He is relaxing on the other side of the road, not knowing that you are here to give a hand!

Look left and right!

As you have learned from a very early age, before crossing a road, you must look both to the left and right before making any step forward. You never know if anything is headed towards you at high speeds if you don't check first! In this game, Tom has to do that too!

The aim here is to get to the other side of the road. To do that, you will only need your keyboard and some good timing. There are so many cars and boats going around here since it looks like it is the rush hour! But that needn't stop you.

All you will have to do is to press the Arrow keys according to the direction you want Tom to jump. Alternatively, if you think it's too difficult for you to handle the keyboard, you can also use your mouse! Just click around Tom to let him know where to jump.

Watch out for the vehicles!

Don't let any cars hit you! Even though cats do have nine lives to spare, in this game, Tom has way fewer! Besides, nobody likes the dizziness you get after the collisions. Also, remember that cats totally hate getting wet! Use the boats to get across the river safely!

To catch Jerry, you must be quick! Even though he seems to be relaxing far away from you, you must not underestimate him! Mice have a danger sense that tells them to be careful. This is why you should hurry up and get the Bonus Time points for crossing the road really fast!

Now, remember! Always look both ways before attempting to cross, both in games and in day to day life. Get to Jerry safe and sound as soon as possible. Good luck!