Freefalling Tom

Help Tom keep on flying in the Freefalling Tom game! Collect feathers and balloons to keep yourself in the air while avoiding the birds and asteroids!

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Tom is going down at quite a speed in the Freefalling Tom game! While on holiday in the Islands, he decided to take skydiving classes with the local trainer. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it appears that everything. His parachute didn't open on time, and now he's freefalling through the tropical sky. What's more, the wildlife of the Islands is a dangerous place...

You are the only one that can save Tom from imminent death. Your job is to keep him floating in the sky as much as possible by collecting feather wings on your journey down.

Be careful, for there are many creatures and unidentified objects that can hurt him! Should you bring our dear friend safely back to Earth, Tom and Jerry will be forever in your debt.

How to Play

Once the game starts, you can use the Right and Left Arrow keys to avoid the obstacles in your way. You should watch both ways, though. Dragons and rockets will come from down below, while asteroids will hit you in the head from above.

There are many other natural beings and also lifeless objects that can harm you: lots and lots of birds, waste, or deteriorated electrical devices. Also, don't stand anywhere near the storm clouds. You never know when lightning strikes.

As for remaining in the air as much as possible, you can collect feathers and add them to Tom's improvised wings for strength. You can also use the feathers to fuel up your health bar, should you take any damage.

Some power-ups might come in handy. Balloons are the best, should you pick them up, for they will make you go up a few meters. Umbrellas, on the other hand, will slow your fall for a limited amount of time.

Now that you know how to play, let's help our dear friend, shall we?