The Great Paper Chase

Customize your ride and get in the race in The Great Paper Chase game. Pick the vehicle, colors, and patterns and when you are ready, drive it to victory!

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About The Great Paper Chase Game

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You'll never have the same opinion about the paper after playing The Great Paper Chase game. If you thought until now that, besides maybe making a little drawing or homework, the paper is useless, then think again! Tom and Jerry found a way of making everything so much more exciting.

They have put together all their creative materials and are now designing racing vehicles. They have gathered a few ideas of what they should look like, but they need your creative genius to glue all the things together!

How to Play

Before getting into the details, you should first choose the team you want to represent you in the competition. Should it be Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, or the Pink Panther? The choice is all yours!

Each race pilot has a vehicle of choice when competing, and so must you! Entering the competition, you must pick what you are going to drive. Be it a motorcycle, or a hot air balloon, there is a wide variety laid out before you.

Once you made your choice, you will get to the most exciting step. Now you get to customize your ride! You've got countless of colors at your disposal, so just click on the ones you like and then click on the area you want to color. You are also able to pick patterns or add some glam by gluing some feathers or adding glitter. 

Create as many vehicles as you wish, and when you feel ready, show them off! Then, enter the race and see whether your ride is cool enough to win too. You can even ask a friend to compete with you! Don't worry if there isn't anybody to play with right now. You can also opt to play against the computer. We've got your back!

Ready, steady, go!

It is not enough to have a sweet ride for yourself if you want to be a champion of paper races. You must also prove that you got what it takes to reach the finish line. To do that, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to lead your paper vehicle to the end safe and quick.

The journey to victory is certainly not a safe trip. Though your ride might look cool, you must remember that, nevertheless, it is still made of thin paper! Many office supplies could tear it apart in the blink of an eye. Make sure to avoid the envelopes, thrash cans, staplers, and especially the scissors!

Also, make sure to collect the power-ups on the way! The blue orb will create a shield around you that will protect you from sharp threats. Get the health and power orbs to make sure you get to travel at full speed to get ahead of the opponent.

Now go ahead and test your creativity as well as your pilot skills and have lots of fun!