Broom Riders

The household objects have been bewitched in the Tom and Jerry: Broom Riders game. Fly up high and collect the levitating items to complete your mission!

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About Broom Riders Game

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The cute mouse and cat pair are usually chasing each other, but now they have to work together! The objects are suddenly levitating, and they have to bring everything back in the Tom and Jerry: Broom Riders game. Their household items have been bewitched, and it seems that they can't catch them without your help. Can you make sure to return each thing to its' original place? 

In this unusual adventure, your wacky friends have a shared objective. You have to help them by flying on a broom and collecting all the floating objects. However, your quest is not as easy as it seems because there are obstacles everywhere. Will you be able to complete this mission?

How to Play

It's time to take off! To fly up high, you need to push the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard. It can be difficult to keep your balance, but you just have to keep practicing! Once you get the hang of it, you will have full control of your broom.

Your main objective is to follow the red arrows towards each item on your list. As the chase is on, you have to make sure to only go after the highlighted object. Even if you spot the other ones, you won't be able to grab them until it's their turn!

You have to be careful without rushing! Take your time, and try to avoid the obstacles around you. There will even be dangerous creatures such as bats in the air. If you touch them, you will lose one star each time. 

Sometimes the game will trick you by making you look for multiples of the same item. Remember to only go after the shiny one, or you won't receive any reward for your troubles. Don't get yourself fooled, and try to earn all 3 stars at the end of each stage!

Well, are you ready to begin the challenge? Tom and Jerry are counting on you to hunt down all the items. Help your friends and return their house to normal now!