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Help Jerry pick up all the cheese in the Mouse Maze game! Be swift and stealthy, learn how to bypass the traps, and avoid Tom at all costs!

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Get ready for a challenging adventure with the Mouse Maze game! Any Tom and Jerry fan will have a blast while trying to guide the world's favorite brown mouse through a challenging obstacle course. Do you think you are up for the challenge?

As you very well know, the conflict between the two protagonists of the show is straightforward. Naturally, it's based on the ancient rivalry between mice and cats. Can Jerry's swift and stealthy approach succeed against Tom's vigilance?  It all depends on your set of skills!

Learn how to navigate your environment and avoid traps!

The game consists of an exciting series of challenges, set in five different locations: the school, the first floor of the house, the bathroom, bedroom, cellar, and attic.

How can you unlock all of them? Click on each part of the map to see what goals you need to accomplish. Each stage will pose additional difficulties, so your learning curve will need to be a steep one. 

However, don't worry too much! The first ten levels are designed as a hands-on tutorial that will get you accustomed to the gameplay, controls, as well as different effective strategies. Pretty helpful, right?

The gameplay is easy as pie! One of the coolest features of the game is the fact that you can play on both your phone and your PC. To move Jerry through the complex environment around you, simply use your finger or the cursor to drag him in your desired locations. That's all!

The primary goal in each level is to collect all the orange pieces of cheese on your way to the exit. Once you have managed to acquire them, the door will open up, and you are free to walk through it! Easy as pie? Think again!

These tips and tricks will get you on the road to success!

When you play the role of a mouse in a household, many obstacles can hurt you and lead you to failure. For instance, stepping into traps and oil spots will make you lose the game immediately! 

Can you guess what the most challenging part of this game is? Of course, I am talking about Jerry's quest to escape Tom's gaze! You will encounter this perilous house cat, as well as his friends in many stages of the game.

As you can imagine, if they notice the tiny brown mouse, there will be nothing but trouble! The key to getting past Tom and his friends is to time your moves carefully. Did you know that you can only safely move when Jerry is behind his foes and out of their sight?

Oh no! Are you about to get into trouble? It's not too late to save yourself! Just click anywhere on the screen to stop Jerry in his tracks and plan out a new route for him. However, make sure you do this before it's too late!

Do you wish to improve your score and rating for a certain level? Make sure you put the extras to good use! Pick up all the yellow cheese you can get your hands on for a bonus on the scoreboard.

Do you wish the protagonist would move faster? Then find the red pepper bonus and watch him go!

There are many more secrets hidden in this game, including the secret mouse holes and portals. However, it's a lot more fun to discover some features on your own!

Are you ready to take Jerry's side in a confrontation as old as time? Help him escape the vigilant eye of housecats and collect a lot of cheese to fill Jerry's tummy! It will be a blast!