What's the Catch

Join the fun in Tom and Jerry: What's the Catch game. Help Jerry run from Tom and get the cheese, or catch the plates with Tom, without missing them!

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Tom and Jerry are good friends, even if they seem to argue all the time, and they fight all day long. Today they want to cause trouble one to each other, and this is why they started a What's the Catch game, in the middle of the house.

Many precious things lay there, and if anything gets broken, Tom will pay the price for it. Jerry knows this thing very well, and this is why he started to throw all the plates on the floor. If Tom does not catch them in time, and he misses three dishes, the game will be over for him.

How to Play

During the game, you can switch between Tom and Jerry. It means that if you want, you can play as Tom, and catch the things that Jerry is throwing, or you can play as Jerry's character, and run for your life.
Either way, you need to use your mouse to control the game. Press the left button on your mouse for a single jump, and double-click to jump for two times in a row.

While you play like Jerry, collect the cheese for points, and avoid the obstacles. Three obstacles in a row mean that Tom will catch you. Make sure you get as many points as you can, to have a high final score. Play both ways of the game, and see which one you like the most. We are sure that you are going to enjoy it, no matter what. We wish you good luck and keep on trying as hard as you can.