Bandit Munchers

It's raining food in the Bandit Munchers game. Click and drag to move Jerry and catch the flying food before it hits the ground and gets ruined!

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Jerry and Nibbles have found their way into Tom's kitchen in the Bandit Munchers game. Don't be fooled by their teensy tiny size because these guys are real gourmands. They will munch away any kind of food that comes in their way. 

But maximizing the amount of food they can steal to enjoy later is a job for two. Teamwork will always be an answer to almost all your problems. Unless that problem happens to be Tom!

These guys want to get as much food as they can. For that purpose, each of them has a task. Nibbles throws the food off the shelves, and Jerry collects it. Unfortunately, if the latter is not fast enough to catch it, the goodies get smashed on the floor. Such a waste!

How to Play

That's why they need your help! Your job is to use your mouse to drag Jerry around the kitchen to catch more delicious bites. The more pieces you collect without letting anything fall, the more points you will get! To the same extent, different foods have different scores. That is, the bigger they are, the better! 

Don't worry if you don't get to catch all the snacks. Nibbles might get overexcited and transform himself into a food-launching machine. Be careful not to miss too many though, for each thing hitting the floor, you will be penalized on your health bar.

The most distinctive piece, or how a chef would call it, la piece de resistance, would the chocolate covered strawberry. Not only is it a splendid dessert, but it will renew your hearth bar! That becomes especially useful when you find out that once that bar is completely empty, the game is over.

What else you should know

If you thought that things were too easy until now, don't jump to conclusions just yet. Tom is here to interfere with Jerry's plans, and he will occasionally throw dangerous objects along with Nibbles' food. He intends to take advantage of you and trick you into getting hurt!

Should you happen to catch any unusual object, it will cause you to remain stunned for a few seconds. That wouldn't be half as dramatic if the food didn't continue to fall in the meantime. So that moment of immobility translates as significant health damage!

I hope you are hungry enough!