Meet Sherlock Holmes

Solve the mystery of the stolen diamonds in the Meet Sherlock Holmes game. Investigate the case with Tom and Jerry and find the missing magnifying glass!

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Tom and Jerry are on a detective's mission in the Meet Sherlock Holmes game. Even the best detectives might need a holiday from time to time. Great minds cannot be at work 24/7, but unfortunately, there are so many bad guys out there, so it's hard to catch a break.

That's why the most famous detective of all times picked our friends for this task. As Sherlock cannot perform this task, Tom and Jerry seem to be a great alternative! You have the chance now to work with them on this mysterious case. How exciting!

To solve their cases fast, any detective needs the advantage of surprise. They must keep themselves undercover so that they can be one step ahead at all times. Because they are small, our friends Tom and Jerry are more than perfect for the job. They can sneak behind anyone's back without them even suspecting!

How to Play

The case they are currently working on is especially dubious. It seems that all the diamonds in London disappeared! Use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to investigate around London. You are sure to find some of the missing gems lying around where the bad guys are dwelling. Collect them from the thieves!

Even though he was not able to join you working on the present case, Sherlock couldn't possibly leave you totally on your own. He made sure to leave some Special Skills for you to find. They will help you overcome difficult situations you might get into while investigating. 

The Tommy Gun, the Jerry Rigger, and the Flamethrower are just a few things that might come in handy. Making good use of them is no rocket science as well! Simply press the X key to switch between them until you select the one you wish to use. When ready, press the Space Bar to launch!

Unfortunately, these skills will not be of very much use to you unless you lock them. If you manage to collect enough scraps, you will be able to keep them for as long as you wish. Otherwise, they will be available for single use only.

Experience a detective's quest!

While leading an investigation, a detective will come across many locked doors. That shouldn't be a problem, though, because, for every lock, there has to be a key somewhere! Follow the compass to find them and unlock the mysterious doors.

Once all the doors are open, the compass will show you the way to Sherlock's lost magnifying glass. Only after you collect it will you be allowed to pass to the next level. 

Be careful not to interfere too much with the bad guys on your quests. Each time you get caught by them, you will lose one life, and you only have three to spare! In the long run, being cautious pays off because you will not need to start everything from the beginning.

Prove yourself that you can be a true detective and finish this puzzling robbery! Tom, Jerry, and even Sherlock Holmes are ready to give you a hand in your attempt. Good luck!