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Become an artist and compose your electronic tunes in the Music Maker game. Light up the rectangles to place notes and mix the sounds to create a song!

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Being a musician is a piece of cake now in the Music Maker game. If you have considered many times picking up an instrument, but eventually gave up the idea, you still have one more hope. Electronic music doesn't imply endless hours of practice. You have everything at your fingertips from the very beginning.

In this game, you can create awesome tunes with Tom and Jerry's help. They have found a handful of objects that produce funny sounds. Your goal is to experiment with them and see whether you can create a proper piece of music. Just like a real DJ!

For this game, you will only need your mouse and a good set of speakers! Fortunately for you, you will not need to have expensive instruments or equipment because your cartoon friends Tom and Jerry took care of everything!

How to Play

There are a few steps to bring to life the awesome tunes you have in your head. First, you should check the funky sounds that you have in your repertoire. Each of the goodies there stands for a different note. To hear it out better, click on any rectangle on the screen. It will light up, and when Tom and Jerry step over the column, the note will play.

You are free to mix the sounds as you like, maybe even try to play some notes from a song you already know! But what is even more interesting here is that you have maximum control, even over the smallest details. For example, you can set your tempo! Tom and Jerry will run faster or go slower at the click of a button. 

Finally, when you finish one sheet of music, you ought to try a new one! There are five of them at your disposal to further be creative in your musical endeavors. 

Leave boredom aside from now on and enjoy a lovely song once in a while. As long it is made by yourself, it's sure to turn out great!