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Jerry is preparing himself for a real cheese feast today in the Mouse about the House game. Tom is having a nap, and all the area is clear of danger, at least it should be if Jerry can avoid the critical zones. But everybody knows that cats are never too deeply asleep. 

To get his cheesy treats, our favorite mouse has to move around in complete silence, just like a ninja would. But without the proper training, he resorted to using some seemingly ordinary objects lying around to overcome the dangers.

The challenge lying ahead of you requires some creative thinking. You must find new ways of using some ordinary things and repurposing them. In a mouse's eyes, a broom can become a slide, and some jello a trampoline!

How to play the game

To play this game, you will need to use only your mouse. Here you have to carefully examine the objects above and find a way to get through some rough places. Place them around where you think is best to make Jerry avoid what's ahead.

When you think you have a good plan, click on the thing you want to use and drag it from the box. Position it over the appropriate spot, and then release it to drop it. It's as simple as that! 

Don't worry if you don't get the right things into the right place from the very first try. You need to fail a couple of times before learning how to do things right!

Make Jerry even happier and collect the small pieces of cheese lying around the house. These bits of food will make you happy too since you will receive bonus points for each one you get.

Good luck, and don't let Tom catch you!

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