Match n' Catch

Help Jerry clear the boards out of gems in the Match n’ Catch game. Mix three or more identical stones together to score points and avoid Tom at all costs!

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Jerry is on the run again in the Match n' Catch game! After a disastrous fight with Tom over who gets to watch his favorite program on TV, all hell broke loose, and Jerry is now trying to outrace Tom and find shelter.

The only way to speed up is to clear all the gems on the boards during the gameplay. Will you be the one to help him? To do that, join three or more identical-looking stones into a formation and score points based on how many they are in a combination.

You'll start off by rushing through the office in the Parlour Pursuit level, then comes the Kitchen Chase and out in the wild, we go in the Backyard Run. Finally, you should get out of the courtyard and into the Road Race before Jerry can finally take shelter.

How to Play.

Each level has five mini-missions that you have to accomplish before you can unlock the next one. Your main job is to clear as many jewels as possible from the playing board. To do that, simply swap icons by clicking on a gem and then clicking on another one anywhere on the table. The goal is to make a combination of three or more identical stones to erase them from the board and score some points.

The adjacent gems will add up horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally. The more you clear in a row, the higher the score. The main perk in this game is that the stones don't need to necessary be placed near one another to swap them. A tip would be to use single, isolated icons to fill up a gap in a cluster of identical gems and win more points.

On the left side of the page, you can see your time and total score.

Use the power-ups!

If you get enough gems cleared out in a single row, a Jerry power-up stone will appear. Note that you can't move this item across the table, but you can use it next to a combination, clear it out, and get a higher score. 

Now, from time to time, there will also be an icon with Tom's face entering the board. Try to avoid it as much as possible, better to let it go unused. Otherwise, points will be retracted from your score.

On the right side of the board, some more power-ups are waiting for you. You just need to score some points to activate them. You can 'Shuffle the board' and rearrange the gems on the table. Or perhaps a 'Double the points' power-up will appear, or even a 'Clear all the colors' that will pick up all the stones from the board.

Based on how well you do, you can finish the mini-levels with up to three stars. Now that you know how to play go ahead and have fun!