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The Run Jerry Run game will undoubtedly entertain anyone with a taste for adrenaline and spooky adventures! Can you keep up with the dynamic pace?

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With the Run Jerry Run game, you get the chance to become part of a thrilling, bone-chilling chase! What can be more exciting than protecting a tiny brown mouse from the claws of a determined silver tomcat?

I'm sure you have figured out who I am talking about by know. That's right, you will be joined by Tom and Jerry! Aren't you excited to meet this iconic duo?

But the surprises don't stop here! The setting of this action-packed race will surely send a chill through your bones. Why? Somehow, Tom and Jerry are inside an incredibly creepy cemetery, complete with gnarly trees and tombstones. Can you defeat your fears and put your best foot forward? 

Don't let the fast pace overwhelm you!

This exciting game has a very similar structure with the legendary Temple Run game. This means that it will only take you a little while to gain control of Jerry, the protagonist.

However, there's a major difference: your perspective. The fact that you can see the brown rodent from the front makes the whole experience more frightening and authentic! Can you see Tom getting closer and closer?

Nevertheless, the frontal view can pose a few challenges to an inexperienced player.  The perspective can make it hard for you to coordinate your moves and even makes you dizzy.  Don't worry, as it only takes a few tries to get used to!

Let's review the controls and get down to business! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move Jerry from one side of the path t another. Do you want to jump? Simply press the Up arrow at the appropriate moment. You can also slide by pressing the Down arrow. It couldn't be easier, right?

Follow these tips to increase your chances of success!

The key to a winning run is knowing which items to avoid and which ones to collect. This requires a trained eye and a speed of reaction. Do you want some advice? Keep an eye out for tombstones, holes, rocks, and any other type of harmful obstacle. You will lose valuable health points if you run into them!

However, not all the objects you encounter are damaging! The pieces of cheese will significantly improve your score, while the extra lives will help you get through the level and achieve a longer run. Try your best to pick them up whenever you see them, as you only start with three precious lives!

Have you noticed all the big brown boxes that seem to stand in your way? If you run into them or attempt to jump over them, you will see that Jerry will be hurt. Ouch!

However, have you tried crushing these items? You can do so by just pressing the Down arrow at the right moment. What's the use? You have the chance to get extra points, as well as other extras!

Congratulations! Once you have reached the end of the level, your score takes into account multiple aspects. Collect the cheese and smash up all the boxes in your path for a good result. What is more, the less you die, the higher your score!

Therefore, you should put on your running shoes, join Jerry, and try to keep up!