Jerry's Bombing Helicopter

Don't let Tom get away in Jerry's Bombing Helicopter game. Pilot the airship and strategically launch bombs, so that they reach the cat and explode!

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About Jerry's Bombing Helicopter Game

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The cat is no longer the one chasing the mouse in the Jerry's Bombing Helicopter game. The tables have turned now, and it is Tom's time to hide from whatever Jerry has prepared for him. Your favorite mouse can finally take his revenge.

Jerry has found a way to borrow a fully loaded helicopter! He is now planning to use the bombs in the cargo space to teach the naughty cat a lesson. The smart mouse wants to drop these bombs as close as possible to Tom, just to hurt him a little. The problem is he cannot steer and aim simultaneously!

The aim of the game is to pilot the helicopter into the perfect spot from where you can release the projectile. If the bomb does not explode anywhere near Tom, then that launch will not be effective at all. Take your time to find the most accurate drop zone.

How to Play

To move the helicopter around, you can use the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Get in position by flying left or right, or change the altitude for a better aim at the target. When you think you are ready to fire, press the Space Bar to release a bomb. 

Even though Tom is a cat, he could be quite smart sometimes. He knows that Jerry is after him, and that is why he invented new ways to shelter from your attacks. He used various objects to build obstacles that can keep the missiles away. Find their weak spot and let the bombs get Tom!

In this game, you will need to think quickly as well. There is a limited number of projectiles that can be launched on one level. You have only ten chances to get all the cats, so take care not to waste them away in unsuccessful attempts.

There is no time limit for you here, but you should be aware that your score is calculated based on how quickly you can get things done. The faster you are, the better!

So good luck training your aiming skills in this very entertaining game with your favorite palls, Tom and Jerry!