Cat's Gone Bats

Don't let the bats steal the precious objects in the Cats Gone Bats game. Make Tom throw garlic at the incoming bats and watch out for the Vampire Mouse!

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About Cat's Gone Bats Game

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It doesn't have to be Halloween for a good scare in the Cats Gone Bats game. This old, creepy mansion has so many mysterious objects one cannot comprehend! Books of spells, brooms, and pointy hats are just a few precious things lying around. 

The aim of this game is to help Tom keep away the bats inhabiting the house. These small pests are not only annoying, but they are also some tiny thieves! While the ladies of the house are away, they like to steal their prized objects. Your friend needs your help to keep everything safe from the sneaky animals.

How to Play

Tom has the best weapon against any bat, and that is garlic, of course! You must press the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard to make Tom switch lanes. As there are many bats incoming from every corner, you have got to move fast as lightning. 

As the flying troublemakers are nearing the objects that you have to guard, launch attacks at them by pressing the Space Bar. A single bite of that garlic will keep them away for good! Sometimes though, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the number of winged rascals. It will not be a big deal of one or two of them get past you. They can only steal an item if there are three of them on it!

If you do not want to get left behind, you should keep an eye on the bar that shows you the bats that have already intruded. You really ought to step up your game if there are too many that got lucky! More than that, there is also another useful thing, and that is the Special Attack Meter! It fills up as you hit the bats, and when it reaches the max, you'll have unlimited special attacks!

Watch out for the Special Bats!

Once in a while, when the full moon appears, an unusual type of bat will spawn. The Vampire Mouse is not to be joked with. They cannot be taken down as quickly as the ordinary ones. You will need to hit them multiple times before they give up, so don't stop trying!

Jerry is also here to ruin Tom's fun. He has dressed as a bat and wants to scare our cat. Unfortunately for you, he cannot be defeated by the garlic, but merely slowed down. Jerry will stand there and throw pans at you, and if you get hit, Tom will be dazed for a while. Be careful, though! These precious seconds are enough for the bats to gain ground.

You should also know...

There are a couple more things that can be very useful to you. They are some special attacks that can teach Jerry, and these bats a lesson they will not forget easily. To use them, you have to press the Left and Right arrows, according to the object that you want to launch.

On the left, there is the Mirror. If used, it will cast a very powerful light ahead that will erase the little bats in an instant! Consequently, the beam of light will make the Vampire Mouse take a few steps back, giving you more time to knock him out!

On the right side, there is a Slab of Steak with Jerry's name on it! You can throw it to stun the naughty mouse, but be careful! Once Jerry gets the steak, he will want to take his revenge. Therefore, you should make sure to clear up the way before he comes back to scare Tom!

You will have endless fun playing this game! Beat your own high scores and see how long you can last in the bat invasion!