Target Practice

Aim and launch bowling balls at Tom in the Target Practice game. Adjust the angle, choose the proper ammunition, and teach the naughty cat a proper lesson!

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Jerry has finally got Tom in his trap in the Target Practice game. He has tricked the cat into believing that he could hide away in small crevices, but our favorite mouse has got him covered. Jerry has built a catapult that can launch some bowling balls straight at cats! I hope Tom still has nine lives!

In this game, all you have to do is to aim the projectiles at Tom. The challenging thing is that he is expecting you to do it, and he is prepared to avoid any incoming bowling ball.

For that purpose, he has sneakily hidden in smart places, so that you can hardly get to him. You must think of creative ways of launching the balls to get him in a minimal amount of launches. 

How to Play

To aim, Jerry has programmed his machine to move even at the slightest touch of your mouse. Use it to change the angle of the shooting pipe accordingly to the direction in which you want to direct the ball. 

When the aim is directed into the right place, just click your mouse to launch the bowling ball into the air. Give it a few tries until you get a grasp of it. It doesn't matter if you do not manage to accomplish the level goals because you can always give it another go.

What's more to this game is that every bowling ball has a distinct ability according to its color. To activate that power, simply click one more time after launching. You must find the appropriate moment for that while it is still in mid-air. Once it hits the ground, you can no longer activate it.

There is a moment for each type of ball. Due to their unique features, they can overcome different obstacles set by Tom. The orange one can boost its speed in mid-air, the Blue one can split into three smaller balls, and the purple one grows huge to smash the most solid rocks.

Now that you know all these, the time has come to teach naughty Tom a lesson he will never forget. And that lesson is don't mess around with Jerry and his friends!