Star Striker

Find your perfect teammates in the Star Striker game among all these awesome cartoons. Kick the ball and hit the target to score as many goals as you can!

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The football frenzy is just beginning in the Star Striker game. As everybody knows, the ones who score goals in football are always in the spotlight. They are the ones who enjoy most of the fame but to achieve that they do train hard.

If you want to get a taste of that too, then you are in great luck! Your favorite cartoon characters are here to help you get the proper training. You can play this game and strike as many goals as your legs allow you! It's not a piece of cake, but you are sure to handle everything.

How to Play

For this game, you will not need any special skills. Maybe only a proper eye for aiming and your trusty mouse. But don't be too eager to start, at least not before you choose your team! There are lots of characters such as Shaggy and Scooby, or Tom and Jerry, who are really excited to be picked.

Now that you are ready, you can learn how to shoot that ball. Everything is pretty easy, only click on the ball before you and then drag towards the target. When you release the click, the ball will go straight to it, that is if you aim right! With a little bit of luck, it will reach the target from the first try.

As you train harder and harder, so will the requirement grow in difficulty. While at the first few shots the target was immobile, it will soon come to life and start wiggling around the place! That is the point where the fun really begins. Moreover, to continuously spice things up, a dummy goalkeeper will appear to block your ball. You must wait for the appropriate moment and then...kick!

This game is sure to give you some real motivation to become a famous footballer! With all the fun that you are going to have while playing, it seems almost irresistible!