Snack Attack

The Teen Titans started a food fight in the Snack Attack game! Team up, aim carefully, and throw the stinky items at your opponents across the street!

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The Teen Titans take playing with food to another level in the Snack Attack game! The Superheroes discovered boxes full of ingredients and decided to put them to use! Therefore, they started building up defenses to prepare for the ultimate food showdown!

However, they need two teams to play this game! You have to couple up with one titan and play against the others! Next, your task is to throw the items on the opposite side of the road! Aim carefully and make sure you damage the other team to win the match!

How to Play

Upon starting the game, you can only choose Beast Boy as your character! You have to help him hit his friends three times to win the round! For this, you need to use the catapult in the left corner! Drag the elastic and release to fling food at your opponents! Remember, you have to aim higher for the item to reach the other side of the street! 

Even better, Burger Bombs are hidden in the cardboard defenses that your brave friends built! Aim carefully at one of them, and make it rain with food! By using this option, you increase your chances of winning! However, don’t hit bombs on your side, as they automatically go to the other team!

With every level you complete, you can unlock more Titans and team up with them! Remember that you need to be the first one to win two rounds to finish the level! Even better, try and destroy your opponents’ cardboard boxes to get more points! Move quickly, and destroy your enemies with stinky food!  

Join the incredible stinky adventure, and help the Titans practice throwing food items! You have to help your teammate defeat his friends! Keep him as clean as possible, and be fast to win the rounds! Aim at the other team and get your food across the street!