TV to the Rescue

Cyborg needs your assistance in the TV to the Rescue game. Help him find the missing remote, use it to wake up the other Titans, and reunite the team!

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About TV to the Rescue Game

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In the TV to the Rescue game, Cyborg is on a recovery mission of the missing remote. The other Titans seem to be paralyzed and cannot mumble a thing! Luckily, TV came to save the day! He gave Cyborg some valuable clues on where he should search and needs a friend to help him with the instructions. Are you ready for a dangerously fun race?

Your job is to fly Cyborg through the rotten minds of the titans to find some hints of where the remote may be. Their psyche is full of hazards that are very destructive to Cyborg, so he might need your help to dodge them. Can you find the remote with Cyborg and give the Titans' their conscience back? Let's find out!

How to Play

The controls are quite straightforward: the Right and the Left arrow keys will make Cyborg fly. Your task is to coordinate his legs so that you don't lose control over the flight.

Did you get the hang of the gameplay? Now, go through the tunnels of their minds and make sure to collect the energy symbols that you encounter in your way. You need a lot of energy to resurrect the teen heroes!

Each Titan has a very dangerous mind! They house barbed wires, bombs, and sharp razors that you must dodge. Otherwise, Cyborg will fall and break into pieces causing you to restart the level.

At the very end of the tunnel, you will find a portal, which means that you succeeded in bringing some energy to their souls! You have one last enemy, still: the Titans themselves. Cyborg has to defeat his comrades' unconscious to fully wake them up. He will need you to fly him around and dodge the opponent's attacks. The rest he will tackle himself! 

Now all you need to do is get to very Titans' unconscious, and then Cyborg will use the remote to restore the order in the team! Are you ready for this thrilling adventure?