Movie Lot Mayhem

Play the Movie Lot Mayhem game to join the Titans as they go to the movies! Keep your gun close, this outing will soon turn into a thrilling shoot out!

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Try the Movie Lot Mayhem game if you have always wanted to join the Teen Titans team for a fun event. Who would've thought that a simple visit at the movie studios can turn into a challenging battle, featuring flying hamburgers and waffles? Only the Teen Titans team can get into such a mess. Luckily, you can help them get out of this pickle!

Are you a fan of Cyborg? He is known for his great power and cool weapons. Now you will have the opportunity to experience them first hand! Besides, this game allows you to fight well-known heroes, such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Slade. Doesn't that sound like fun?

How to Play

The game consists of a shoot out in an extremely interesting environment: the set of a movie. The Teen Titans team wants to be featured in a flick of their own, so they need to take out the competition. Can you shoot all the other superheroes? 

Who would've thought that using Cyborg's robotic gun is so straightforward? All you need to do is click on all the enemies you can see. You will need to be very fast and agile to reach the leader board and earn a high score. Even if you don't receive an impressive score on your first try, you will surely have a blast!

One of the funniest features of this game is the ammo. You can pick between meatballs and waffles. Did you notice that your choice influences the gameplay slightly? Look out for the advertising panel in the back of the scene and shoot it if you want to change your mind! 

There's more you should know!

The most challenging part about this game is figuring out who to shoot. How come? Besides all the competing superheroes, you will also come across your teammates. Make sure you don't hit them! Each time you blast Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire or Raven, you will lose 500 points. Isn't that a shame?

Are you looking to reach the top of the leaderboard? Try to aim at clocks to gain precious extra seconds. Keep in mind that the game ends when the time runs out! Besides, you can also try to create combos. To do that, try to achieve as many successful shots as you can in a row. 

This arcade challenge features a fun design and addictive gameplay. You'll certainly play this game for hours, once you get started! Try to beat your record or invite your friends for a shooting competition! Doesn't that sound like a cool hang out with the Teen Titans team?