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About Grab that Grub Game

Join Cyborg and Silky in an adventurous walk to the pizza place, with the Grab that Grub game. Our robotic friend was about to enjoy a peaceful afternoon when he agreed to take care of Starfire's beloved pet. But what he thought was going to be a relaxing walk turned into an exciting venture, as the tiny animal can't be stopped from walking into different obstacles, enemies, and getting into trouble! The game has a classic, vintage feel, complete with upbeat music and sound effects, which will completely take you back to the first adventure games you have ever played!

The game consists of 18 different levels, set up between the Teen Titans' headquarter and Zippy's Pizza, the team's favorite place to eat. Your mission is to help Cyborg get Silky to the eatery without getting hurt, which is no easy feat! The tiny worm will not stop crawling, and he is definitely not going to wait for you, so make sure you don't let him out of your sight! The controls are pretty straightforward, as you move your character using the four arrows on your keyboard. You can even perform actions such as stumping and sliding, by using different key combinations.

Don't worry, the first level starts with a brief tutorial, and each time a new move is available, you will be shown the corresponding key combination! Use all the moves you know to get past the obstacles, collect the cookies to get points and find the three missing gears hidden in each level. Be careful! There are enemies ahead of you that will hurt Silky, so make sure to jump on them before they harm your pet.

At times, you will need to control Silky himself in order to move ahead. Use the Z and W keys to slow him down or make him move faster and don't forget to press the space key each time he goes past one of the pink boxes, in order to activate Silky's special power, which will make him damage resistant. Every time an enemy injures you or your worm, you lose a life. Make sure you reach the end of the level before all of your lives run out, or you'll be forced to start over! Increase the number of points you earn by collecting as many cookies, finding the gears and sticking to the time goal as much as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Practice your agility, precision and multitasking skills as you help Cyborg and Silky grab a bite. An exciting adventure awaits, so relax and enjoy the classic, simple gameplay and charming atmosphere of this game.

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