Food Fight

The Titans Tower becomes the center of having fun in the Food Fight game! Team up with Robin and help him defeat his friends by throwing food at them!

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About Food Fight Game

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Boredom is nowhere to be found in the Food Fight Game! The Teen Titans decided to have a food battle, and they needed a target! Because of this, Robin got left behind and is now asking for your help!

The brave Titans are hidden all over the place, and your job is to spot where they are! Once you locate them, throw the food at their faces until they run out of energy! Keep in mind that they are very quick and might move around the room! So, to avoid getting Robin knocked out, you have to act fast and strike first! 

How to Play

Once the game starts, prepare to throw the food items! Robin has at his disposal six different meals pizza, ice-cream, pie, hot dog, ham, and lastly, the Burger Bomb! However, he can only use one option at first! To aim at your adversary, you have to use the mouse! After you establish your target, click to throw the food item! Remember to hit his face, as only then you will score! 

You need to throw the pizza slices at the other Titans to unlock the food alternatives! To buy different ammunition, you need points! Therefore, you have to continue firing many food pieces until you better your score! If you want a bonus, make sure to get the Burger Bomb! This item helps you make it rain with food so that you can hit many opponents at once!

Moreover, every character has a health meter above their head! That indicates the amount of energy they have left! You have to aim at their face until their meter is empty, and they disappear! They will hit back, so don’t let Robin get injured! If he takes too much food in the face, he will get knocked out, and the game will stop!

You need to be ready to get your hands dirty and send the Titans into a literal food coma! Your job is to team up with Robin and defeat the playful superheroes! Make sure to be focused since none of them want to play nice!