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About Titans Most Wanted Game

Are you ready to have some fun with Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy in the Titans Most Wanted game? The team needs your help more than ever, now that the most atrocious villains have flooded Jump City in order to attend the Crime Convention. What is more, Robin came up with a great idea: Bad Guy Bingo! Can you beat Batman's record and bring down 14 villains in just one day? It sure sounds like an exciting challenge, so get ready to prove your strategy skills while enjoying the lively atmosphere and upbeat music, in this tactical RPG battle!
Your mission consists in completing 12 different levels, each one of them giving you a glimpse of a different urban setting in Jump City. Be careful! Each level is a brand new trial, as you get to encounter some of your old nemeses, such as Mother Mae Eye and her pumpkins and even the members of the H.I.V.E. Five. Some of them might even escape and team up to confront you in the final face off!
The gameplay consists of controlling each character during your turn, then waiting for the enemy's reaction. You can move each character in order to get them closer to the villains or even protect them from future attacks. Some spots on the board can even get you certain advantages, such as high ground, which increases your offense and defense power by 50%. After you are happy with a specific character's position, you are able to use one of their particular actions in order to deal some damage to the bad guys.
When you are done with a particular character, you can switch to the next by choosing the 'end turn ' option in the top left corner. And don't worry if you made a mistake! You can also undo your actions by the simple click of a button. After your turn is up, your enemy will make a move. The number above each character's head shows their remaining health points, so make sure your friends don't get hurt. And remember that every time you attack an enemy, he will counterattack if he is in range! The game starts with a short tutorial that explains the gameplay, so don't worry: you'll get the hang of it!
As you level up, you get to control all the heroes from the Teen Titan's team. As you well know, each one of them is unique, and so are they are abilities, such as actions, range or health! For example, use Starfire or Raven if you need to hit an enemy that is far away and don't be afraid to move Cyborg in the front line of attack, as he isn't easy to bring down. Each level you complete helps your characters get better, as they earn experience and level up. This gives you the option to either upgrade their health bar or unlock a new action, which will help you defeat stronger enemies.
So what are you waiting for? Get your thinking caps on and test your tactical skills with this action-packed game! The imaginative settings, exciting gameplay and the company of Raven, Robin and the rest of the gang are sure to keep you entertained!

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