Housebroken Hero

Play Housebroken Hero game and help Beast Boy get back from Titan's Tower, where he is locked! Don't forget that he keeps changing into animal form!

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About Housebroken Hero Game

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We all know the Teen Titans are good friends, but sometimes even they hold a grudge against each other! This time, in Housebroken Hero game, Beast Boy has overdone it with the parties, and his pals have had enough of him leaving his hair everywhere! They have banished him out of the tower, and he has to fight his way back.

The gameplay consists of jumping from one platform to the other, as you make your way to the elevator that will take you back to the tower. The gameplay is easy to get the hang of, as all you need to do in order to move Beast Boy is press the four arrow keys. However, don't get fooled! Your feat is not going to be an easy one, as your friends have all sorts of surprises in store to make your return more exciting.

How to Play

Your first challenge consists of invisiblocks, platforms which disappear as you get closer to them. Pay attention and memorize their position, as you will need to use them in order to get ahead, even though they are now invisible! And that is one of the easiest obstacles to get the hang of, as many other surprises await: completing levels in complete darkness, controls changing in the middle of the level or even the whole world turning upside down!

You also get to play as Beast Boy's many forms, such as a mouse, a mole, an adorable bunny, or even a kangaroo! Make sure you don't get too hasty and pay attention because every mistake you make will cost your character a precious slice of pizza! Each pizza slice amounts for one life, so make sure to collect them along the way. Pay attention! By the end of the game, even your friends might end up posing a treat, as you fight back into the tower!

Enjoy whimsical challenges and simple gameplay with the most mischievous of the Teen Titan, Beast Boy. His funny antics and the colorful and exciting design of the game are sure to keep you entertained for hours. In the end, his friends are sure to let him back in, but only if the little beast promises to abstain from animal forms inside, or at least vacuum more often!