Calling All Titans

Villains stroke again the city of the teen titans in the Calling all titans game. Help the last free titan rescue his team and defeat the evil!

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About Calling All Titans Game

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In the Calling all Titans game, the alarm erupts again in the titans' residence. After a break of eating pizza and relaxation, the teen heroes are back in an action-packed chase after the evil.

Oh, no! Five villains have spread all over the city and even captured four of the titans! They must reunite to succeed in this mission and catch their most evil enemy, Slade. Join the game as the last free titan and rescue the captured heroes from the villains that have struck the town. Don't miss the chance to help the titans restore peace!

Your job is to defeat the villains, rescue your fellows, and stop the legion of goons that appear in your way. Remember to always have in mind the source of the disaster. Once your team is reunited, go after Slade to end the chaos.

The adventure is packed with different mini-games that need a lot of agility, fast-thinking, and attention. Moreover, they determine the outcome of your battles against the enemies. Master at their challenges and secure your victory against the bosses, the grunts, and the brutes.   

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure with the titans? Climb aboard the T-sub, and let's catch some villains!

How to play  the game

To battle the enemies and find your comrades, you need to travel to different areas of the town, which requires the Titans' plane, the T-sub. There are various regions to explore, and many of them are locked. To get to new town districts, you need to look for the tower icon. Each time you find one, you complete a level, and a new area gets unlocked.  

To begin with, choose between Raven, Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, or the Beast Boy to start playing. Once you selected a titan, press the Spacebar to begin the adventure. Choose one available place to head to, and press the Spacebar to land there. 

As soon as you enter, use the arrow keys to direct your character through the area. At any time, you may encounter bosses, so be ready to fight. You can either dodge them or get in their face to combat them. Sometimes you don't have the chance to avoid your enemy, so you should better train your skills from the beginning.  

Once an enemy sees you, it will challenge you to fight in a mini-game. The difficulty of the challenge depends on how powerful your opponent is. The enemy will give you instructions regarding the keys you need to use in the fight. Sometimes, they expect you to act fast to defeat them other times, they give you enough time to assimilate. Be prepared for both cases!

Were the odds against you? Your character has two lives that can be easily lost in a game against a powerful enemy. It may look harder when you are all alone with so many menacing threats. But, once you start reuniting with the other titans, their lives will add up, and your victories will increase. Make sure to press the "X" key to change the leading titan in your adventure.

What else you should know

Some of the times, it may take you longer to win against a villain. Make sure to look for life supplies. When an enemy defeats you, it may take a life or half of it. Collect hearts that are hidden all over buildings or look for pizzas; when you have 300 pizzas, they convert into a new life!  

Other than villains and goons, obstacles may block your way. For instance, wooden crates sometimes have pizzas inside other times they simply stay in your way. Press the Spacebar to destroy them and continue your adventure.  

On the other hand, rock and metal obstacles require more titans to smash, so make sure to rescue your comrades!  

Now you have all the knowledge necessary to win against the despicable enemies. Complete successfully every level and prepare to encounter and beat the devilish Slade!