Channel Crashers

In the Channel Crashers game, Cyborg's head got stolen from a TV shop. Help Robin to control Cyborg's body, defeat all the villains, and take it back!

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In the Channel Crashers game, Robin takes over Cyborg's body when the despicable Control Freak steals his head. The villain is looking to take his revenge on the titans, and today is his chance!

Robin and Cyborg are now trapped in the pixel universe where bosses and difficult obstacles make their mission heavier to accomplish. Join them in this thrilling adventure and experience a hero's typical day!

Your job is to help Robin control Cyborg's body through the maze of TV channels in search of his head. Defeat the bosses that may appear in your way, collect coins, and call in the other titans for special attacks! Are you ready to battle the evil once more? Let's find out!

How to Play  

Firstly you should know the basics to control Cyborg's body. To get him moving, use the arrow keys, depending on the direction you want to follow.

Every now and then, some wooden boxes may appear in your way. These may be valuable since they might hold hidden coins. Press the X key as Cyborg to break them, then press the Spacebar as Robin to collect the coins.

Some of the coins are disposed of in areas you cannot reach. While Robin is on his feet, press the X key, and he will launch his Birdarang to collect them! If your pockets are full of cash, you can send Robin back to his comrade's body. Press the Space bar again to make him hop in.   

Did you manage to pass the first level? From now on, bad guys may appear at any moment. Use Cyborg's fist to defeat them too! If the opponents damage you, your fuel tank starts draining, so don't miss a hit!   

Something is sparkling on the ground! Sometimes the wooden crates may house fuel gems that refill your tank. Press the Space bar and get Robin to collect them. Keep Cyborg's reservoir topped up because he will need a lot of energy throughout the adventure. Don't miss a gem, to avoid restarting the level.

What else you should know

If, at any point, you find yourself surrounded by the bad guys, don't panic. Just press the Z  key, and your fellow titans will show up with a special attack. They will make sure to clear your way! Keep an eye on the walkie-talkie to see when the T sign refills. Once it does, you can call the titans again!

Cyborg needs some enhancement to defeat all the bad guys! Once you have some cash to spend, go to the shop and upgrade your powers! You can make the titan faster, more powerful, and even get him shields!

Continue this spine-tingling adventure until you recover Cyborg's head and defeat the villainous Control Freak once and for all!