Raven`s Nightmare

Play Raven`s Nightmare
Play Raven`s Nightmare

About Raven`s Nightmare Game

Raven is trying to read a book and spend some time alone, but she cannot do it because of her colleagues who will not shut up. She decided to go to her room and take a nap, but it will not be easy for her either. She is having bad dreams about all kind of insects who are invading her personal space. In the Raven`s Nightmare game, you have to save Raven from her thoughts. More than this, make sure she survives the nap and wakes up safely.

Using the mouse, protect Raven from the invasion. Click on the bugs that are coming her way to freeze them with Raven`s powers, and then get your mouse over them to destroy them for good. In each level, you need to finish the bugs that you see before they get past the red line. Be very careful. If you get your mouse over them, without freezing them, they will not disappear. They will multiply, becoming more and more little bugs.

When Raven gets too scared, she will kill all the bugs, but you will not get to the other level. You need to achieve the target for each level if you want to go to the next one. As you pass the levels, you will collect some coins that you can use later in the shop. Buy potions that will help you confront your nightmare, and that will help you win faster. Do not get scared of Raven`s mind. We know that she has a good imagination, and her subconscious can create many frightening things. However, she is a nice person, and all she wants is a peaceful dream.

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