Table Tennis Ultimate Tournament

Join your favorite CN characters in the Table Tennis Ultimate Tournament game! Choose your player, aim carefully at your rival, and start scoring points!

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Your favorite Cartoon Network characters have gathered to play the fantastic Table Tennis Ultimate Tournament game! They are all very excited to start competing against each other, but things are a little complicated! Your friends need your assistance so they can win the tournament!

You have to enter the competition and help your favorite player win all the rounds! Characters such as Raven, Gumball, Darwin, Buttercup, Grizzly, and Ice Bear are all ready to start playing! Choose between them and assemble the best team to win all the matches!

How to Play

When you enter the tournament, you have to select one mode to play the game! If you want to better your skills, you can start by competing in the Quick Game mode! There, you can pick your player and his opponent, and start practicing! Apart from that, you can also try the Mini Cup mode! Here, you will have to play multiple rounds against six opponents! Lastly, when you are all ready, enter the Full Cup mode and defeat all your opponents!

After all that, you will face your adversary in a table tennis match! You only need to use your mouse to hit the ball! Move your cursor Up and Down to control the distance of your swing! Swipe to the left and to the right to catch the ball and throw it back at your opponent! The first one to get to five points will win the round! 

More than that, you have to knock the ball quickly if you want to defeat your opponent! You can hit the ball harder by clicking the mouse and swinging it across the ping-pong table! Be careful not to throw it too far, as it will cost you a point! Also, try to launch the ball from corner to corner! This way, it will be harder for your adversary to hit it back at you! Focus on your tasks, and don’t let any blow go past you!

All your favorite Cartoon Network characters are waiting for you to start the tournament! Enter the game, and start throwing the tennis ball across the table until you win all the rounds!

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