Ghost in the Cellar

Get Shaggy and Scooby out of trouble in the Haunts for the Holidays - Part 2: Ghost in the Cellar game! Disguise them to hide from the lurking specters!

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Become a part of Myster Inc. with the Haunts for the Holidays - Part 2: Ghost in the Cellar game! Shaggy and Scooby have managed to get in a sticky situation once again. While they were trying to help the Queen of England recover her crown, they became trapped in a terrifying cellar. Besides, the Ghost of Christmas Past is looking for them. How scary! Give our two heroes a hand to escape the specter menace!

Luckily for our two protagonists, they became trapped in the attic of a theatre. There are all sorts of costumes that can help Shaggy and Scooby stay in the room without getting noticed. Fool the ghosts with some clever disguises! It's the only way to move on in this adventure and help the Queen!

How to Play

All you need to do to succeed in this adventure is to move your mouse swiftly. Start by taking a close look at the statue at the bottom left corner of the screen! Your goal will be to copy the outfit on the figure exactly. It consists of three elements: a dress or shirt, a headpiece, and an accessory. Find them all, then click and drag them on Shaggy or Scooby!

Not all the elements you'll need are in plain sight! You will need to click on the various objects on the screen, like the clothes rack or the curtains. Uncover all sorts of costume items and see if they match the statue! Make sure you are extremely quick, as the timer runs out quickly! If you don't recreate the entire outfit before the time runs out, the ghost will find one of our heroes, and the game will be over. Oh no!

Are you ready to see Scooby or Shaggy dressed as an American Indian, a princess, or a knight? It will be such a silly experience! However, your role is instrumental in the mission of our two hungry heroes. They'll never manage to recover the Queen's crown without your speed and attention to detail.

What is more, you'll even be able to dive inside their fascinating adventure even more by playing the Haunts for the Holidays - Part 1: Theatre Terror game!

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