Mystery Chase

Help Scooby-Doo solve three mysteries in the Mystery Chase game! Catch the Zatari warrior, a Green Monster, and Elias Kingston while collecting Snacks.

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Brrr! It's time for another chilly hunt in the Mystery Chase game! While searching for clues in a gloomy, wet swamp, the gang heard a scary voice coming from the trees.  In the heat of the moment, they've panicked and split up, leaving Scooby-Doo all alone to face the monster …

Will you help Scooby get out of this mess? Your job is to guide him towards the nearest hiding spot and assist him in capturing and exposing the villain. Don't worry, the gang will gradually reassemble once their fright is over. Prove yourself to be a fearless detective, and you will have no problems in discovering who's behind all of those mysteries. Shall we begin?

How to Play

There are three options that you can pick as a hiding place for Scooby: an enclosed underground cave, a dark prison, and the local museum. Based on which of those you choose at the beginning of the game, the scenario and mystery will change accordingly, and a different villain will appear.

Should you want to take shelter inside the cave, you will encounter bats and other creatures that lurk in the dark, but most importantly, the Aztec Zatari Warrior. Adventuring down in the cold, shaded prison cells means being chased by a Green Monster, wrapped up in chains. Lastly, the museum is known to be haunted by ancient mummies and knights, but your main concern will be the Ghost of Elias Kingston.

You start off with Scooby-Doo. As you progress through the gameplay, you will gradually pick up other members of the gang, to take part in the chase. Once you gather one Scooby badge, you can play with Shaggy as your main figure. Collect more emblems, and you can unlock the rest of the team! You will see the required number of medals under each character.

Collect the Scooby Snacks!

Once the race begins, your main goal is to collect as many Scooby Snacks as possible and avoid being caught. You can use the Spacebar to jump over obstacles or grab mid-air snacks and fill up the Scooby Snack box.

Based on how many yummies you collect, you can win one, two, or three badges at the end of the level. You can see your progress at the top left corner of the page. Now you can go on to the next mission and choose another character!

Now that you know how to play, let's expose those monsters and show the world who they really are, shall we?