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Play the Crystal Cove Online game to become entirely immersed in the Scooby-Doo universe! Can you become the newest member of Mystery Inc. team?

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You must try the Crystal Cove Online game if you love solving mysteries! Surely, you must have heard by now about the lovable Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, and his loyal friends from the Mystery Inc. team. Their sole purpose is to uncover the identity of dangerous monsters and make light in some complicated situations.

This time, they are in the coastal town of Crystal Cove, the gang's home. Did you know that there is a long history of paranormal activity here? Join this fantastic, effective, and entertaining team, as they figure out some of the darkest secrets hiding in plain sight! 

Learn how to get around town to become a great detective!

The game consists of an exciting mystery which is updated every single week. All you need to do is pick out a username and begin your journey in the Crystal Cove Spooky Museum. It's packed full of puzzles waiting to be uncovered! Here you will meet Velma, the brightest member of the Mystery Inc., who will brief you about your mission. Are you all eyes and ears? Pay close attention unless you want to miss out on essential details!

So how do you navigate this new background? Simply use the arrows on your keyboard to move around each scene. Press the Z key or space-bar to interact with objects around you, or even attack enemies! Each successful battle will earn you valuable Scooby Snacks, which you can later put to good use. Remember to keep an eye on the top of the screen! Here, you can check on your health bar, as well as an extremely helpful mini-map.

Finally, press the M key to access your smartphone. Are you feeling confused by all the different tabs? It's more simple than you think! You can change weapons or costumes, check the map, your inventory, or even re-read dialog lines in case you've missed something important. There are so many features available with just one click!

Explore the town and uncover its darkest secrets!

The coolest feature of this game is the fact that you have an exciting and unique universe that you can discover at your own pace. The little town of Crystal Cove has many exciting and spooky corners waiting to be investigated.

But first, are you feeling a little hungry? Just make a stop at the corner store, where you will find delicious foods that can restore precious health points. What's the currency? Well, of course, I am talking about Scooby Snacks! What is more, you can also upgrade your character here! For instance, you can buy some new shoes to make Shaggy faster!

However, there are many other places that you have the chance to examine. Search the City Hall for hidden clues, enter the Police Station, or hop into the Mystery Machine! You will discover creep churches, dark caves, and many other awesome and spooky locations.

Search carefully for any clues, as well as glowing objects! You will either be rewarded with some delicious Scooby Snacks, or encounter a menacing enemy. Therefore, you should always be on your toes when you play the role of Shaggy and his loyal pal, Scooby-Doo!

Become involved in one of the most entertaining and exciting adventures! Do you love detective stories and spooky locations? Are you a fan of mystery, as well as fun? Then you should join Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred! This gang of loyal friends can uncover the face of the most menacing villains!

Are you brave and bright enough to join them? Then hop in the Mystery Machine, grab a Scooby Snack, and get started!