Episode 4 - Pirate Ship of Fools

Shaggy and Scooby board on a ghostly ship in Episode 4: Pirate Ship of Fools game! Find the entrance key to uncover the mystery of the green ghost!

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About Episode 4 - Pirate Ship of Fools Game

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Board the ghostly ship and begin your pirate adventure in Episode 4: Pirate Ship of Fools game! Join your friends, Shaggy and Scooby, in their journey to discover the mystery of the green spirit!

Soon after getting on the mysterious boat, your friends realize that there is only one entrance and that it is locked! Being the best detectives, they decide to investigate the scene and find a way to enter the belly of the ship! You have to move the characters along the deck while searching for the missing key! 

How to Play

To find the key and unlock the door, you have to navigate the deck and look for clues! Pay great attention to where the important object might be found! To move around the scene, use the Right, Left, Up, and Down arrows! Also, use the Spacebar to take action when you see fit! 

Moreover, there is a fear-o-meter on the top-left part of the screen! This measures the level of fear that Shaggy and Scooby feel! You have to make sure the bar does not increase, and your characters keep calm! If they get too scared, and the meter fills up, the game ends! 

If you want to save your current accomplishment, press the S key! To load the saved version, press L! The P button puts the game on pause! Also, if you are unsure of what to do, or you want to look over instructions, press the H key!

Tips and Tricks

Along the way, you will find objects that help your characters in their quest for the truth! Make sure to spot them early in the game, and collect them! You never know when you might need them! To gather the instruments, press the Spacebar! Press the T key to exchange the selected item with the next one in the inventory! 

Moreover, the game provides two possible play-modes! If you are a beginner, play the Regular Game mode, and work on your strategy! Once you become a pro, try the Timed Game mode, and take on a new challenge! For this, you have to complete the map of the ship in a certain amount of time! 

Join Shaggy and Scooby in this ghostly adventure, and find out what is lying inside the boat! Discover the mystery of the green light, uncover the truth of the pirate ghost, and complete the game!

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