Snack Machine

Solve the puzzle and get Scooby his favorite foods in the Snack Machine Game! Use your skills to finish each level within the required number of moves!

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Scooby is down for some food hunting in the Snack Machine game! Since Mistery Inc is on vacation for the moment, Scooby has just got his first job as a valued security member of the Texas International Airport! To discover smugglers that want to bring contraband and stolen goods in the country, one must outsmart them. And to motivate Scooby into his training, the police department thought of offering him a snack every time he gets the tasks right.

Your job is to help Scooby with his training. Do you think you are cunning and smart enough to solve each puzzle? Activate the different mechanisms and watch as the cascade of actions unfolds. Should you have thought this through, the path you created will bring a Scooby Snack to our favorite canine character. Let's make sure Scooby doesn't starve, shall we?

How to Play

The primary objective of this game is to get the snack from point A to point B and into Scooby's belly. Each level will give you a limited number of gear and machines that you can play with to initiate the course of events.

Activate the different mechanisms by clicking on them. You can choose between Spinning Gears, Pick up machines, or Treadmills to deliver the food. To make the snack jump from one gear to another, you need to click on it at the right time. 

Useful Tips

Should your snack get stuck, use the arrows at the end of the Treadmill to change its direction. Take your time to collect Scooby Medals on the way. They will provide you with a higher score.

Also, make sure to hit the switches that come up in your way, to unlock exits that were closed before. You should also watch out for Crunchers! They'll destroy the Scooby Snacks.

Go for the best time, and limit your clicks for the best score! Depending on the difficulty, you'll get a maximum of required moves per level. Any unnecessary click will be charger with extra time on the clock, so make sure to work effectively.