Scooby's Scavenger Hunt!

Test your attention to detail in the Scooby’s Scavenger Hunt game! Help Scooby search for the mystery items and move fast to collect all the bonus points!

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About Scooby's Scavenger Hunt! Game

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Join the Scooby’s Scavenger Hunt game, and find out if you can pay attention to all the details! Shaggy and his friends have taken upon themselves to solve the mystery of the missing objects! Help them find the items, and conclude the enigma that keeps Scooby awake at night!

Your favorite characters have to search the dirtiest room they have ever seen! There is food on the floor and toys on the bed. It looks like nobody has cleaned this room in ages! Shaggy is already sick, and Scooby needs to rush if he wants to solve the mystery! You are their only hope to finish this task!

How to Play

After you press play, the game starts directly! Be careful, as there is a time limit! You need to finish the task in one minute and thirty seconds, or else the game stops! Use your magnifying glass to find the objects Scooby is looking for!

There is a list of items at the bottom of the screen! You need to take a quick look at them and then start examining the room! When you find a piece of evidence that’s required, click to collect it!

Remember to move quickly! Every object is worth more points if you find it faster! Keep in mind to be agile, and get as many bonus points as possible! Your friends depend on you, so make sure to complete their treasure hunt!

The objects you have to find may vary in each round! Play the game multiple times to learn the position of the items! This way, you can move faster and improve your final scores! Scooby and his buddies cannot wait to see your results, so gather your strength, and start searching!