Scooby and Shaggy are in charge of lunch in the Pack-A-Snack game! Help them put together a great basket of food, avoid any dishes, and get many points!

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About Pack-A-Snack Game

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It’s time for lunch in the Pack-A-Snack game! Scooby-Doo and Shaggy are in charge of preparing a basket of food before the group leaves to solve another mystery! However, the two clumsy friends found themselves in a pickle! 

You need to step in and save the lunch before they ruin it! Therefore, your job is to move Scooby around so that he can catch all the food items that Shaggy drops! You have to help the two buddies collect as many pieces as possible! 

How to Play

Shaggy is busy finding the best food items, so he doesn’t look down at Scooby when he drops them! Because of this, the poor character has to run back and forth to catch the pieces! To help him, you need to use the Right and Left arrows! Also, you can click on the screen, and Scooby will move in that direction!

The game might seem easy at first, but you need to keep in mind that they are in a rush! Because of this, you need to collect as many food items as possible in under a minute! Also, you will get a certain amount of points for each food item! For example, a doughnut is one hundred points, whereas a slice of pizza gets you five hundred points! 

More than that, you need to pay attention to what Shaggy is throwing! They need food, not dishes, so avoid any objects that are not for eating! For example, you need to keep Scooby away from glasses, cups, or bowls, if you don’t want to lose points! Thus, you have to pay attention to your characters and carefully select what they put in the basket! 

Scooby and Shaggy work diligently to prepare a great basket of food for their buddies! You need to help them complete the task successfully and have lunch quickly!